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Two-Way Radios

CP Communications is your one-stop shop for two way radios.  Whether you need sales, repairs, or rentals, we can help!  Start by visiting our full-service shop.  Next, tell us how you work and what you’re looking for.  Our experienced technicians will provide you with options, help you select the best product, and install it promptly.  We’re pleased to share some of our most popular recommendations below.  If there’s another product you’re looking for, just ask.  As a large dealer we can order many handheld and fixed mount radios from your favourite brands.

Best-Selling Two Way Radios

ICOM 5023

  • 128 memory channels separated into 8 memory zones
  • 6 programmable buttons allow customized operation
  • Rugged construction, meets MIL 810F standard
  • 50W output power VHF, 45W output power UHF
  • Powerful, front-mounted speaker with 4W audio output
  • Learn more at Icom Canada
Two Way Radio Icom 5023

ICOM 5061

  • 512 memory channels with 128 zones
  • 6.25kHz digital mode ready
  • Detachable front panel
  • Front mounted speaker with 4W power
  • IP54 dust-protection and splash resistance (controller only)
  • Heavy duty, dynamic microphone HM-148
  • Learn more at Icom Canada
Two Way Radio Icom 5061

Hytera MD782i

  • 1024 channels (analog and digital)
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Ideal for desktops or vehicles
  • Optional remote face
  • Headset capable, optional BT mic
  • Optional 256-bit encryption
  • Learn more at Hytera Canada

Best-Selling Handheld Two Way Radios

ICOM F1000

  • 128 channels 8 zones/16 channel models
  • With full keypad, simple keypad or without LCD or keypad
  • IP67 waterproof and dust-tight protection
  • Easy to hear in a noisy environment
  • Inversion voice scrambler
  • 14 hours of operating time with supplied waterproof battery
  • Learn more at Icom Canada
Two Way Radios Icom F1000

Hytera PDC760

  • Revolutionary DMR/LTE hybrid
  • 1024 channels
  • Crystal clear digital audio
  • Android operating system
  • Lone worker / man down function
  • GPS tracking with Halo subscription
  • Rugged and durable
  • 14 hour battery life
  • Learn more at Hytera Canada

ICOM F3003

  • 16 channels
  • Simple operation for instant communication
  • 800mW (typical) loud and intelligible audio with BTL amplifier and large 45mm speaker
  • IP54 and MIL-STD-810 rugged body
  • Low consumption current for longer operating time
  • Learn more at Icom Canada
Two-Way Radios Icom F3003

Hytera BD552i

  • Digital and analog handheld radio
  • Clear digital audio
  • Single line display
  • 256 channels (128 analog, 128 digital)
  • Optional Bluetooth
  • 16 hour battery
  • Learn more at Hytera Canada

ICOM F3033

  • 128 channels 8 zones
  • IP67 waterproof and dust-tight protection
  • Long operating times
  • Selective calling, quiet stand-by and more
Two-Way Radio Icom F3033

Hytera PNC380S

  • Push to talk device
  • Compact, rugged, easy to operate
  • Uses WiFi and LTE
  • Optional car kit and BT mic
  • 18 hour battery
  • GPS tracking with Halo subscription

Which radio is right for you?

Let us know what kind of work you do and we’ll recommend some two way radio options that meet your needs and your budget.  Want to rent?  We can help with that, too.