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Satellite Internet

CP Communications is skilled at keeping your remote work camp connected to the rest of the world via satellite internet.  For years, camps were limited to 25 Mbps internet plans with daily data caps that had to be shared with all camp workers.  Now with CP Connect, you can enjoy service that’s faster than ever.  With speeds up to 150 Mbps for a fraction of the typical cost, your camp operations can now run smoothly without worrying about data limits or lagging.

Whether you have a small exploration camp with a few workers or a permanent camp of up to 250, our team can create a customized monthly plan for you.  All equipment is provided on a monthly basis so there’s no large up-front expense to purchase assets.  Our self-pointing satellites require fewer service calls, too.

Satellite Internet For Remote Camps

CP Connect Plan

  • Internet speed up to 150 Mbps
  • No data caps or overage fees
  • For camps up to 250 workers
  • Start with a 12 month contract
  • Plan includes all equipment
  • Plan includes all installation

Request Internet For Your Camp

To get started, let us know your remote camp location, general layout, and number of workers.  Our trained technicians will design a customized monthly plan that will get your camp connected.