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Cell Boosters

Living in the north comes with communication challenges.  The lack of reception is one of them! Start by talking to the CP Communications team about your signal issues.  Our experienced technicians can recommend several options.  Whether you need a wifi extender for your home or a cellular booster for your cabin, we can help.  Each of these devices improves voice, text, and data transmission.  End result: a stronger signal and improved communication.

Cell Boosters

SureCall Fusion 4

  • Suited for homes, offices, and cabins
  • Boosts voice, text, and 4G LTE signal
  • Compatible with all cellular devices
  • Customizable kit options for antennas
  • Learn more at
Cell Booster Surecall Fusion 4

Cellular Antennas

  • High-performance antennas improve reception
  • Models for your building or your vehicle
  • Weather-proof and corrosion resistant materials
  • Magnetic mount, glass mount, or thru-hole

Cellular Accessories

Custom Fit Cradle Docks

  • Cell phone holders to keep your device secure
  • Use for safe, hands-free driving
  • Install, plug-in, or suction options
  • Works with any Bluetooth kit or headset
  • Models to fit Apple, Android, Blackberry
  • Multiple models and options available
Cell Booster Cell Phone Cradle

Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kits

  • Talk on the phone and receive superior sound
  • Allows you to drive safely hands-free
  • Echo cancellation and road noise suppression
  • Security and privacy features included
  • Multiple models and options available

Which cell booster is best for you?

Tell us where you’re located and what kind of signal issues you’re having. One of our technicians will get back to you with some ideas and pricing.